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The ESG-Speakers Academy is here to ignite change and bring sustainability to the forefront of the business world! Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills and resources they need to share their stories and expertise around sustainable development, inspiring action and driving investment in ESG-compliant solutions that positively impact both people and the planet - all while making businesses more profitable!

Joining the ESG-Speakers Academy won't cost you anything and there's no obligation to follow through. We simply want to give you the tools you need to succeed and make a real impact. With us, you'll have access to our dynamic platform, Port4talent, where you can test your speeches, receive feedback, and fine-tune your presentations to ensure they're absolutely electrifying. And with our structured feedback and top-notch tools, you'll be ready to light the fire of inspiration in everyone in the room!

It doesn't matter if you're working for a global corporation or a local business, if you're a CEO or an expert in something specific - the ESG-Speakers Academy is here to help you make a difference. With us, your voice will be heard loud and clear, spreading the message of sustainability and profitability like a wildfire!

oin the ESG-Speakers Academy today and get ready to ignite your inner sustainability champion – all for free and with no obligations! Let's create a brighter, more sustainable, and more profitable future for

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“Join us in this exciting journey of empowering individuals to create a sustainable and profitable future for all!”
Casper Haring Chairman of the foundation

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