Empowering Startups for a Sustainable Business Society!

We support startups serving the retail and/or CPG sector by facilitating their participation in important events, such as the European Circular Retail Congress. We believe that startups have the potential to drive the change towards a circular economy through their research, development, and innovation. Therefor one of our missions is to facilitate the connection between startups and leading companies, supporting their sustainable goals and contributing to the sustainability of the retail and/or CPG sector.

As a startup, participating in key events can provide valuable exposure and the opportunity to connect with decision-makers. We offer support by facilitating the participation of startups in events we endorse, at no or low cost.

Get in touch with us today and let's explore the possibilities together. Together, we can drive change towards a sustainable future.

At ECRF, we believe that individuals and organizations who effectively integrate ESG principles and drive innovation in their startups have the capacity to positively impact larger companies. Our goal is to assist in making this potential more tangible and accessible

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