Welcome to the Business Women on Stage initiative!

We believe in diversity and are dedicated to promoting women in leadership roles in the sustainability conversation. Women bring unique experiences and perspectives that drive progress and innovation, and we are proud to provide a platform for their voices to be heard through the events we endorse.

Are you a woman in a leadership role with something important to say about ESG and sustainability? We encourage you to contact us and join our initiative. Our platform provides a great opportunity for your voice to be heard and make a difference at the events we endorse.

Do you know a strong woman who can contribute to the events we endorse? We would love to hear from you and connect with her. Our network is always growing, and we welcome new perspectives and ideas.

Looking for amazing women to speak at your events? The organizations we cooperate with have a proven track record of delivering amazing speeches and have worked with numerous women at the events they organized in the past. Contact us, and through among others European Conferences United, we can connect you with the right speaker for your event.


Join us in promoting women in leadership and making a positive impact in the sustainability conversation through the events we endorse. 

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Below you fill find a selection of female speakers who successfully delivered speeches on conferences we endorce.